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Die houtfabriek supplies you with quality Pine Wood Decking. We strive to produce only the best, deliver on time and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Standard sizes include:

  • 100mm x 22mm Decking




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Regarding home decorating and interior, you will find that there are many things that you can easily attempt yourself but when it comes to exterior wooden decks, it will be best to leave it up to the expertise of a reputable decking wood supplier.

What is decking wood?

Decking wood is wood that has been specially cut and treated so as to, when used outside, be much more resistant to adverse weather conditions as opposed to softer or untreated wood.

Usually made from tougher types of woods like red cedar, teak and mahogany which makes for better longevity and quality, it is used for various functions such as patios, decks and roof trusses. These woods were traditionally sourced in masses from aged forests but due to de-forestation, alternative woods like pine are now being used for these purposes. These cheaper and more readily available woods have to be treated with additional products such as chromated copper arsenate or CCA in order to make them strong enough for use outside. These processes make it more viable to make use of softer woods at a fraction of the price.

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How wooden decks are installed:

Quality decking wood is usually sourced from a local decking wood supplier. If the company is a reputable decking wood supplier, they should consult with you at your home, pre-cut, treat and install the wooden deck for you as part of a service package.

The wooden deck is a platform that is connected to a specified building at a certain level off the ground. The area, accessories and other details of the wooden deck installation will depend on your needs and preferences. For instance, if you would need the deck to be enclosed by railings or you would need a smaller length of deck installed for wheelchair purposes, you would simply have to consult with the decking wood supplier prior to installation.

Decking wood is available in any colour, finish, length and size of planks, which makes it much more convenient for you to use in any area that needs a stable walkway or an elevated level. Decking wood is also much more pleasing the eye than concrete and is therefore used throughout many lodges, hotels, businesses and residential areas.

Die Houtfabriek is a decking wood supplier that specializes in all types of wooden decking, flooring, wooden profiles and Wendy logs and has been in the decking wood supplying industry since 2004. We strive to manufacture, finish and supply only the best quality wooden material for use in and around your home.

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