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Die houtfabriek supplies you with quality Pine Flooring. We strive to produce only the best, deliver on time and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Standard sizes include:

  • 100 x 22 mm Pine Flooring




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Meranti Wood Flooring & Saligna Wood Flooring in Gauteng

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Hardwood flooring is commonly installed in homes and offices for creating an aesthetic appeal to the interiors. Using the best Meranti wood flooring & Saligna wood flooring Gauteng has to offer will guarantee you a stylish and comfortable living space. Building contractors and architects often choose these flooring options for a beautiful finish to new homes.

Advantages of Meranti & Saligna Wood Flooring

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of using Meranti or Saligna Wood flooring from Die Houtfabriek:

  • These flooring options are convenient and cost-effective as they are easy to clean and maintain. Since dust and stain do not stick to the wood, the flooring can remain beautiful for many years.
  • The best Meranti wood flooring also provides you the benefit of long-lasting color. Their natural coloring does not easily fade away unlike carpets.
  • Most of the Saligna wood flooring in Gauteng can be sanded and refinished several times for a completely new look. This means you can easily change the shade of the flooring as you wish.
  • Unlike carpets, the quality that Meranti wood flooring provides also works well for individuals with allergies. The wood does not contain any particles that might aggravate their allergies.
  • The rich, dark honey color of Saligna flooring is an ideal flooring solution for many homes. You have more options with Meranti flooring, which can come in a variety of shades.
  • Meranti wood flooring in Gauteng is also ideal for light moldings, paneling, furniture, and trims.
  • Both Meranti wood flooring & Saligna wood flooring is strong and tough. The wood is very capable of withstanding external force caused by a heavy item that has been dropped on the floor.

Die Houtfabriek prides themselves on being the most reputable Meranti wood flooring & Saligna wood flooring in Gauteng supplier.

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