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Standard sizes include:

  • 100mm x 22mm Decking




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Pine Decking Timber in Gauteng, South Africa

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A deck is built as an extra level of floor with the difference that it is mostly built outside and is supported by stilts, thereby being elevated from the original floor level. It is preferably built with wood by connecting lengths of Decking Timber together to form a floor structure and by connecting it to a building; it adds an extra space for your specific needs.

Pine Decking Timber has been used for centuries in different ways including a ship’s deck, tree-houses and platforms within ancient stadiums. Nowadays it has become almost fashion to extend the size and function of your home by having a Pine Deck installed. Pine Decking is used for various functions such as a feature within a landscaped garden and increasing the value of your home by having almost another living area similar to the more traditional patio.

Decking timbers consist of many types, colours and qualities of which red cedar, teak, mahogany and other hardwoods as they have been proven to be most durable. The problem is though that not every person can then afford to have a deck of imported wood installed onto their homes. Decking timber companies realised this and introduced Pine Decking Timber into their range of decking woods.

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Features of Pine Decking Timber:

Although pine is a much softer and more porous wood than above mentioned hardwoods, it falls into the medium woods category which makes it functional for use.

  • Pine is a very neutral-colored light wood with beautiful natural features like knots and lines and can be used for any purpose where wood grain would be visible.
  • Although pine is lighter per mass, it delivers the same finished product regarding strength and solidity when compared to any other wood type.
  • The main feature of pine is that it is almost the most versatile wood available today, with different industries relying solely on pine for its function.
  • Pine can be purchased in raw form, allowing you to treat, finish and decorate it as you wish depending on your personal style and taste.
  • As it is such a versatile product, it could either be varnished with any varnish from clear to mahogany, stained with any stainer from clear to black and painted with any type of paint in any shade, leaving a perfect professional finish every time.

Die Houtfabriek is fully aware of the overriding advantages of Pine Decking Timber and therefore permanently stock this beautiful wood as part of our extensive range of Decking Timber in Gauteng.  Phone us today at (016) 933-5219 for a quotation on how we can add value to your home the most cost effective way.