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Die houtfabriek supplies you with quality Pine Flooring. We strive to produce only the best, deliver on time and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Standard sizes include:

  • 100 x 22 mm Pine Flooring




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Pine Flooring for Sale in South Africa

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Do you love the look and feel of wood beneath your feet? If yes, then pine flooring is an exciting option. The Pine flooring for sale from Die Houtfabriek will add that classic elegance to your house that it truly deserves, and create a lively ambiance in your home.

Benefits of pine flooring for sale in Gauteng, South Africa

Pine flooring has various advantages such as:

  • It is much easier to install this type of flooring in comparison to hardwood flooring. The tricky sanding procedure required with oak and maple flooring can be avoided. This saves you both time and money.
  • Pine flooring will look better and better with time. Yes, you read it right! Unlike marble flooring or tiles, pinewood flooring tends to look better with the passage of time as it is highly unlikely to have the blemishes which are so easily noticeable on marble or tiled flooring.

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You do not have to look too far to find pine flooring for sale in Johannesburg or anywhere else in South Africa. Stores in the various states of South Africa stock up on various pinewood flooring materials to add to the décor of your dream home. These stores pride themselves in selling the best of modern machinery to offer you various options among pine profiles such as quadrants, skritings, halfrounds, coverstrips, decorative skirtings, PAR’s, and cleats. The manufacturing processes are being quality controlled on a daily basis to ensure that these outlets provide you with the very best products you can buy with your hard earned money. A team of qualified staff will guide you in choosing the right pine profile for your home and once you have made the decision, you can place your order with them.

The pricing depends upon the profile you pick but you are going to get a very good deal nevertheless provided you choose the right store that is offering pine flooring for sale Johannesburg, South Africa. You can also bargain a bit while placing your order. Once you have placed your order, the stores will deliver your product via their personalized cargo trucks and you can expect an installation team at your doorstep soon. The installation team is at your service and you can tell them what you would like them to do.

Once the installation is done as per the plan, you are in for a treat as you soak in the grand ambiance your house resonates with. The pine flooring stores in and around Johannesburg remain committed to provide you with quality services.
Die Houtfabriek is a reputable supplier and installer of pine flooring in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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