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Standard sizes include:

  • 100 x 22 mm Pine Flooring




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Pine Hardwood Flooring for Kitchens and other areas

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Pine is a comparatively soft wood, when seen against other types of wood. This makes it great to use in kitchens and hallways, where there is not too much heavy furniture that is moved around. Wooden flooring tends to give any house a very warm and classic look. Pine itself is a wood that stands out because of its knots and pin holes. This makes the wood more appreciated because of the character statement it makes.

Be careful while choosing pinewood for your flooring because there are many different types under this species of wood. Some of the types are harder than the rest while some of them are too soft for flooring. If you purchase flooring made of soft pine, then you will find that it gets dented easily when there is furniture kept on top of it. Pine hardwood flooring for kitchens could generally be made out of pine heartwood.

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Pine heartwood for sturdy and fashionable flooring

In fact, heartwood is one of the hardest and darkest species of pine, which makes it extremely desirable for home use. Make your kitchen look homely with an excellent pine wood floor. The setup of the flooring is done easily and experts will help you put everything in place. Make your home décor idea real by incorporating a high wooden ceiling and perhaps a small and cozy wooden dining table inside the kitchen.

This would give it the complete look of a cottage. Wooden flooring tends to make any place look more comfortable and inviting. Perhaps a small rug at the entrance would add a nice touch. Using pine hardwood flooring for kitchens is a great idea because of the way heart pine can resist different scratches or dents that are made by heavy home appliances and furniture on wooden floors.

Cutting Pine flooring costs, but not quality

Pine provides you with some excellent color choices that would suit your cooking and eating areas perfectly. They are also great because of the number of interior design ideas you can incorporate to make your dream home a reality.

A less expensive way to get pine hardwood flooring for kitchens is to make use of Die Houtfabriek. Our Pine wood has been used for flooring for many years, and gives your home an older and warmer look. Phone us today on (016) 933-5219 for a pine flooring quotation.