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Pine Floors Supplier

Die houtfabriek supplies you with quality Pine Flooring. We strive to produce only the best, deliver on time and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Standard sizes include:

  • 100 x 22 mm Pine Flooring




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Pine hardwood flooring supplier in South Africa

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Pine has been used for centuries for many uses such as Christmas trees, matches and also throughout the entire construction industry. They are such versatile trees as they further carry fruit which is not only edible but can be processed into pine nut oil to be used for cooking.

Within the construction industry pine has a number of uses consisting of pine hardwood flooring, walling, decorative moulding and all types of furniture. As it is quite a light wood it makes it easier to construct an entire piece of furniture from it.

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Here are some unique characteristics to why pine hardwood flooring has become so widely used.

  • It is a relatively light wood but also very durable and strong.
  • Pine hardwood flooring carries distinctive markings including knots and rings that stand out when varnished.
  • Die Houtfabriek’s Pine hardwood flooring is available in different contrasts ranging from light to dark.
  • The Pine hardwood flooring can be decorated with any range of paint, varnish or stain, and is therefore considered as an extremely versatile product.
  • As pine is a light wood, it greatly contributes to the look and feel of space and purity within even the darkest room that it is used in.

With the current trend for home décor moving towards the earthy look and feel, having pine hardwood flooring will accentuate any decorative items or furniture in your home. Even combining modern minimalist furniture with the correct shade of pine hardwood flooring will give you a very edgy atmosphere. When furniture with warm undertones like reds and oranges are used, a darker shade of flooring would be suitable. A lighter pine will then be installed with the use of cooler colours in furnishings, like blues and greens.

Die Houtfabriek came into existence in 2004, being one of the first pine hardwood flooring suppliers in the Vaal Triangle. We are able to offer different types of pine profiles including halfrounds, quadrants, skirtings, cleats, decorative skirtings and PAR’s all manufactured on site.

Phone us today at (016) 933-5219 for professional assistance on how we can prepare pine hardwood flooring to your exact needs.

With well-trained staff, and using modern machinery, we produce high quality products in a variety of Pine Profiles which includes: Halfrounds, Quadrants, Coverstrips, Skritings, Cleats, Decorative Skirtings and PAR’s. The company also manufactures Hardwood Profiles in Meranti , Supawood and Saligna. All manufacturing processes are being quality controlled on a daily basis to ensure only the best quality products. We strive to produce only the best, deliver on time and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.