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Pine Wendy Log Suppliers in South Africa

Die houtfabriek supplies you with quality Pine Wendy Logs. We strive to produce only the best, deliver on time and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Standard sizes include:

  • 100 x 24 mm Wendy Log




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Wendy logs supplier in South Africa

Look not further than phoning Die Houtfabriek, a reputable pine Wendy logs supplier, at (016) 933-5219

Pine Wendy log suppliers have realized that this is an extremely versatile product as it can be used for absolutely any structure ranging from play-houses, dog kennels, outbuildings, storage facilities and even full size homes.

Pine is most preferred for use by pine Wendy log suppliers due to the following factors:

  • Pine is easier and most cost effectively sources throughout the entire South Africa.
  • Pine, although quite a soft wood, can last for years when properly pre-treated.
  • When compared to more solid woods, pine is much easier to work with as it is lighter but, when assembled, can be just as sturdy and tough as a more dense wood.
  • Pine is a light and neutral-coloured wood, making it a preferred base for any type of finishing or decorating in any colour of paint, stainer or varnish. This is when compared to a dark wood which can only be varnished or finished with a dark toner, paint or varnish.

Need quality pine wendy logs?

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Why choose a pine Wendy log supplier as opposed to traditional building material for your needed structure?

  • A pine Wendy log structure does not need any pre-installed foundation as it includes a pine floor.
  • As the pine Wendy logs are pre-cut and prepared in accordance with your needs, there will be no building rubble left behind upon installation, making the erection of a pine Wendy log structures a quick and mess-free process.

What do you do when you have selected pine as a preferred material for your needed structure?

  • You will have to determine the needed area and function for the pine structure.
  • You will then need to flatten, level and firm the selected area.
  • The next thing you must do is to approach a pine Wendy logs supplier in your area upon which you will discuss all your specifications in terms of size, type and rate.

Some pine Wendy logs suppliers could assist you with the above, as well as arrange for the pine Wendy log structure to be erected. If you have employed someone to do so, the pine Wendy log supplier will simply use your measurements to pre-cut, finish and treat the pine Wendy logs for you.

Die Houtfabriek is a proud pine Wendy logs supplier throughout the Vaal Triangle and will ensure that you get only the best quality pine for your selected pine Wendy log structure project. Phone us today at (016) 933-5219 for prompt and professional assistance on selecting your pine Wendy logs.