Pine Wendy Logs

Pine Wendy Log Suppliers in South Africa

Die houtfabriek supplies you with quality Pine Wendy Logs. We strive to produce only the best, deliver on time and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Standard sizes include:

  • 100 x 24 mm Wendy Log




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Building Your Own Pine Wendy House

Look not further than phoning Die Houtfabriek in Vanderbijlpark, a reputable pine logs supplier, at (016) 933-5219

A wendy house is a very versatile asset to have, especially if you have your own on your property. You can use this as additional storage space or even as extra accommodation when you need it. They have become very popular recently as they offer the perfect alternative to building traditional outbuildings on your property. This is why it is important to make sure that you always buy the right materials. If you want to build your own unit, as you want to benefit not only from durable products like pine logs, but also make sure that the products you buy are affordable.

Need quality pine wendy logs?

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Can be used for storage space or even accommodation.

Wendy houses are perfect for home owners who would like to add space to their property, especially when it comes to safely storing valuable items and garden equipment. These units are perfect for areas where space is a bit limited, and it offers a very affordable alternative, as you won’t have to hire storage space somewhere else. These units can be built according to various styles and sizes, making them very effective and highly versatile. If built correctly, they can withstand all the elements, providing work with reliable storage space and even moderate accommodation if needed. Many camping in venues and self-catering accommodation stands make use of stylish wendy houses to accommodate their guests.
Build your own

Pine logs are not only affordable but they are durable and very popular when it comes to building your own wendy house. You want to make sure that your unit is built with the durable products that will nest for decades at a time, which is why should always look with a reliable supplier in South Africa. We are known for our quality products and a wide variety of building items and accessories. We stock the perfect items that will allow you to build your own effectively and affordably.
Die Houtfabriek was established in 2004 then we are situated in Vanderbijlpark. We specialise in a variety of products, including wooden profiles, flooring, decking and pine wendy logs.

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