Untreated Pine Decking in South Africa

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Standard sizes include:

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Untreated Pine Decking in South Africa

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As the main function of a wooden deck would most surely be for outside use, it is very important for you to be aware of the disadvantages of using untreated pine decking for this purpose.

Due to the fact that pine is not classified as a hardwood and has quite a porous texture, Untreated Pine Decking is susceptible to many damaging factors such as:

  • Daily abuse from furniture legs, high heels and spills.
  • Acid rain.
  • Ultraviolet light.
  • Heat.
  • Moisture including rain, frost, dew, ice and snow.

Therefore, before you purchase pine from a Pine Decking Supplier, you will have to discuss these abovementioned damaging factors with them in order for them to know what type of treatment should be used on the raw Untreated Pine Decking.

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The importance of protecting Untreated Pine Decking:

If pine is exposed to the elements for longer than three months without being treated it could lead to permanent damage to the surface which will not be able to be rectified, therewith rendering the wood useless. These damaged areas will become warped and dried out, greatly reducing its ability to accept any treatment at all. Even if a quality product is then applied to the damaged, Untreated Pine Decking, it could lead to the product cracking and coming off the wood.

Upon your consultation with the representative of the Pine Decking Company, you will be given a selection of different pre-treatments to be used on the Untreated Pine Decking of which some will be:

  • Semi-transparent stains are perfect for when you prefer the wood’s natural knots and lines, giving for a very neutral look while being protected at the same time.
  • Oil-based stains will penetrate deeper into the wood due to the oil content and will also include an alkyd resin that will prevent any scuffing and exterior damage. Available in different shades, you could select the shade that will most suit your style.
  • Stains with soft pigments ranging from white all the way to black. It will fully cover the wood and although it will give it the selected shade it will still allow the wood’s natural knots and lines to show through.
  • Solid coloured stains will be perfect if you prefer a deeper wood look. After these stains have been painted on, the wood will look much more similar to more expensive woods like redwood or teak.

We at Die Houtfabriek pride ourselves on being the most reputable Untreated Pine Decking supplier and, as an additional service we are able to treat, stain and paint your Untreated Pine Decking prior to installation for you to be sure that you will get the longest possible lifetime that our quality pine can deliver.

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