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Die houtfabriek supplies you with quality Pine Wood Decking. We strive to produce only the best, deliver on time and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Standard sizes include:

  • 100mm x 22mm Decking




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Untreated Pine Wood in Gauteng

Untreated pine wood is known as one of the materials that creates a warm homely feeling to any environment quite easily. Whether the wood is used for flooring, decking, ceilings, doors or trimmings you will find that this affordable material is not only extremely durable but beautiful too. The untreated pine wood can be stained in an array of colours, giving it the appearance of many other kinds of wood depending on the colour used. If you prefer a lighter look you can opt for white washing the wood, which is where a diluted white or gray paint is applied to the wood for showing some colour, but the natural grain of the wood is still visible.

As we supply to not only large untreated pine wood suppliers but directly to the public as well, you can save a lot due to the middle man being eliminated. As we offer a wide variety of wood products, you can rest assured that our untreated pine wood is of great quality and yet stays affordable. As Pine wood is very durable, it is ideal for surfaces that take a lot of strain like decking or flooring. Once stained and sealed the wood not only looks fantastic, but will last for many years. As time goes by the wood will start to show more character and appear even more inviting. Thankfully pine wood is something that has always been in style, and always will be. It thus makes for a great investment into your home that is timeless and appeals to every taste.

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Untreated Pine Wood can be used for multiple applications

If you are looking to enlarge your home’s outdoor entertainment area, why investigate the option of untreated pine wood decking? Not only has pine been used for centuries, but at Die Houtfabriek we are well aware of its great qualities ensuring you end up with quality decking that goes above and beyond serving its purpose. We specialise in untreated pine wood among others, and carry the quality of both the wood we supply and the methods used to cut the wood as top priority.

One of the most known attributes of untreated pine wood is the knots in the grain which make for excellent visual texture when stained. If in time you would like to change the appearance of the wood, it can be stained with a different colour or painted after sanding making the wood a very versatile material. Contact us today to get a detailed quote on untreated pine wood for your home or office, whether it may be for flooring, decking, ceilings or any other use.